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Darren Boyer, May 6 2022

Most Dangerous Places- Alberta April 2022

 Here are crime rates for several locations across Alberta in April.  Some regions of Alberta had as much as eight times the crime as others. 

Some regions of Alberta had as much as eight times the crime as others. 

Major Cities in Alberta

Edmonton Area – Safe Region

Edmonton had one of the lowest crime rates of any major City in Alberta.  Sherwood Park and St. Albert seemed to have even been safer!

Calgary Area – Crime Rate Much Higher

Comparing Edmonton to Calgary, the City of Calgary has a much higher crime rate than all the other regions nearby.  

People in Calgary experienced a much more dangerous environment than residents in nearby areas like Airdrie, Chestermere or Cochrane.

Increase Your Home Safety Level

I found after examining over 10,000 property crimes that most home security leaves property owners isolated and vulnerable.  The regions experiencing high crime highlight how this problem creates long windows of time where criminals operate in an area.Using a matrix of systems can increase a homeowners safety more than ten times better than just having security cameras.  Crime Blocker stops homeowners from being affected by a high crime rate nearby.

Edmonton Crime Rate Over Time

Not only was the Edmonton area much safer in April. The entire region has been much safer in 2022.

Cities in Alberta – Highest Crime Rates

These cities across Alberta had the highest crime rate for their region. Cold Lake had three times the crime of Edmonton per 1,000 residents. One month doesn’t make a trend, but some of the next charts will clearly show some trends.

Each of the cities in this chart above came from these seven regions.

Five Towns with the Highest Crime in Alberta

The Five Towns with the highest crime rates in Alberta were Edson, Ponoka, Athabasca, Bonnyville and St Paul. Eastern Alberta is certainly a hot spot right now when it comes to criminal activity!

Counties with the Highest Crime in Alberta – Across Regions

The highlight at the top of the County chart shows the County with the highest crime in Alberta did not reach 3 crimes per 1,000 residents.  In comparison, the chart of crime rates for towns in Alberta had a rate closer to 8 crimes per 1,000 residents or almost four times the level of crime.

Regions Across Alberta – Crime Rates

The Eastern Alberta region had by far the highest crime rate in Alberta in April. The Cities and Towns below were close to the eight crimes per 1,000 resident level highlighted in purple.

The Eastern Alberta region also has the lowest usage of Lightcatch anywhere in the province.

Counties in Central Alberta

Red Deer County has had a persistently high crime rate.

Here is the crime rate for other Counties closer to Edmonton. 

 Lac Ste Anne County residents should be aware of this rising trend!

The Alberta Rockies crime rate in April is below. The busy tourist season hasn’t even started and the area already has higher crime than many other places in Alberta. 

The areas with the lowest crime rates are in the Alberta Badlands and Southern Alberta. The County of Forty Mile didn’t even record a single crime!


A Safer Community in as Little as 90 Days

The County of Grande Prairie is a great example of how crime can be lowered in any County, Town or City within 90 days. The County Administration, Beaverlodge District Rural Crime Watch and many residents, actively got behind a 12 month program Lightcatch delivered to the County.  

Despite being next to the City of Grande Prairie, where crime is often double what the rate is in the County, the County crime rate is one of the lower in the province for it's size and economics.

Parkland County and residents of Clearwater County have also been one of our strongest supporters. It is interesting to see how those Counties have a much lower crime rate than their peers in the chart below.


Clearly some regions are safer than others.  Yet there is no structural reason why Calgary should have about 33% more crime than Edmonton experienced in April.  The cities have the same laws and similar economics.  They are also both large Cities.  

As another example, Red Deer has the same police force as Spruce Grove, yet Red Deer has trended to have about double the crime rate over several months.  

Eastern Alberta as a region had a much higher crime rate than the rest of Alberta in April.  Areas just as remote, just as sparsely populated in Alberta had a much lower crime rate.

Towns across Alberta are some of the places where crime can quickly skyrocket.  Municipal leaders and homeowners should be more proactive in these areas to deliver a safer community to their residents. 

As someone who has studied close to 10,000 property crimes I'm convinced no region or community needs to be stuck with an exceptionally high crime rate. There are reasons why there is such a wide discrepancy in safety. If you eliminate those reasons any community can live enjoyably safe.  

I'm also convinced that Lightcatch introduces a completely game changing difference in the safety of a  community.  To this point I see that some of the regions with the lowest crime rates have been the biggest supporters of Lightcatch, and some of the most dangerous places have been the most indifferent.  

How To Increase Property Safety Levels 10 Times Or More

To see how to break free from isolated security that leaves people vulnerable.  Here are links with more information.  A 10 times increase in property safety is possible by using a matrix of systems.

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Data Sources and Assumptions

The most recent crime rate from Calgary is January. Calgary’s crime rate is likely higher than the chart from Feb – April as crime in almost every other City rose over those three months.

County of Grande Prairie and City of Grande Prairie April data is based on assumptions from March.  The RCMP mixed up the two locations crime data from April 1-April 17.

Parkland County and the City of Spruce Grove April data is based on assumptions from March.  The RCMP mixed up the two locations crime data from April 1-April 17.

Some cities with their municipal police forces do not report crime data publicly. Places like Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, or Lacombe could be better or worse.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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