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Darren Boyer, August 10 2022

Highest Crime Locations By Region Across Alberta - July 2022

Edmonton Region

The region of Edmonton has pockets of some of the highest urban crime and some of the lowest urban crime in the province.  

Comparing this chart to the Calgary region will show Calgary has an overall lower crime rate.

The Edmonton Region Municipalities including their ranking on the list of 126 Municipalities studied.  The number to the right of each name is the crime rate per 1,000 residents.

Ranking|Municipality|Crime Rate per 1,000

Calgary Region

These are the communities included in this study including their ranking among the 126 studied.  

Ranking|Municipality|Crime Rate per 1,000

Central Alberta

These are the communities included in this study including their ranking among the 126 studied.

Ranking|Municipality|Crime Rate per 1,000

Southern Alberta & Alberta Badlands

These are the communities included in this study including their ranking.

Ranking|Municipality|Crime Rate per 1,000

Alberta Rockies

Ranking|Municipality|Crime Rate per 1,000

Eastern Alberta

Grande Prairie & Peace River Region

Town Crime in Alberta

One of the least recognized dangers is the crime rate in small town Alberta. Here is a chart showing the six towns with the highest crime rate in July.

Rural Crime in Alberta

These are the six rural communities with the highest crime rate across the province.

Safest Places to Live in Alberta in July

Here is a comparison of the five safest places to live with the average of the six most dangerous places in July.

The ten safest places in this study were:

Ranking|Municipality|Crime Rate per 1,000|Region of Alberta

It is very interesting to see that 5 different regions are represented in this list of the ten safest places. This wide distribution reinforces our data that shows skill is the single biggest factor in keeping a property or community safe. If the safest places were all in one region then it would be much clearer that the quality of the policing, the economy or the demographics alone are the biggest reasons why crime in one place is higher than in other places.

Taxpayers Wanting to Improve Their Safety

What we uncovered after analyzing thousands of property crimes is that most home owners have very poor information regarding what truly keeps them safe.  The majority find out they had flaws that criminals used to their advantage, only after they became a victim.  

Making it even more difficult was that getting the skills required to keep a property safe were in unconventional and counter intuitive places.  

To help identify where criminals will use common flaws in your home security to get away with property crime I created a free self-assessment any home owner can use to eliminate their risk.  Take the free 60 second Quiz to learn your Home Security Score.

Explanations About the Data

A breakdown of how this study was done, including any known exclusions and possible limitations is at:

Written by

Darren Boyer

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