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Darren Boyer, August 9 2022

The Most Dangerous Places in Alberta - July 2022

Here are the six most dangerous places, with the highest crime rates in the province of Alberta, for July 2022.

Alberta Beach had the highest crime rate in the province according to the RCMP property crime data.  There were over 12 crimes per 1,000 residents.  The O’Chiese First Nation community had the second highest crime rate in the province, rising to over 11 crimes per 1,000 residents.  

Wait! The most current crime data is now from August 2023.

To see the latest you may want to visit - The Highest Crime Rates In Alberta – August 2023

How Bad Is It?

I use these levels of pink, yellow and green to help give taxpayers a sense of what should be considered normal.  Here is the same chart of the 6 highest locations with commentary of what each of those levels means.

Many many places enjoy living below the green line in these charts.  Here is the average crime rate of these 6 most dangerous locations compared with the 5 safest locations in Alberta.

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Crime Rate in Other Locations Across Alberta in July

Here is the crime rate per 1,000 residents for 126 other locations across the province, listed in order from the highest crime rate to the lowest.

Municipality Name | Crime Rate Per 1,000 residents

Some of the safest areas in the province are near or not that far away from some of the most dangerous.  

The fact low crime areas can be so close to higher crime areas, gives me great confidence and hope that living safe is much more a matter of skill than most people believe.  Some of the safest areas, whether they realize it or not, are able to consistently act in ways that impact their crime rate, despite what their less skilled neighbours are doing.

Explanations About the Data

There are over 300 Municipalities in Alberta counting Villages and Reserves.   We gather all the RCMP data, Calgary Police Service Data and Edmonton Police Service data that is publicly available.   The goal is to  to report on the major areas and trends not every single village.

Of the 300 RCMP reported areas the top 100 locations with the highest number of crimes were included in this report. 38 other locations that are not in the top 100 count for total property crimes were also covered. The crimes are then compared to the population to get the crimes per 1,000 residents. 

This method helps make the easiest comparison between locations. This method is also what the FBI uses to look at crime across America. 

Calgary data is only available as recent as April. All other data is based on July 2022 information. 

Independent police services like the Lethbridge Police Service, the Lacombe Police Service, The Medicine Hat Police service do not seem to report the property crime rates publicly. 

If there is a way to access data for these and any other police services please let me know.

These locations below are some of the locations we try to measure but they did not seem to have publicly available data about the reported crime rate.

We made a judgement call and added these areas into their parent municipality as these municipalities are no longer independent.

Grande Cache

Written by

Darren Boyer

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