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Darren Boyer, August 9 2022

The Most Dangerous Cities in Alberta - July 2022

Wait! The most current crime data is now from August 2023. 

To see the latest you may want to visit - The Highest Crime Rates In Alberta – August 2023

Here are the six cities with the highest crime rates in Alberta in July.

Westaskawin had the highest crime rate with over 6 crimes per 1,000 residents. Edmonton had the second highest crime rate in the province, rising to over 5 crimes per 1,000 residents.Here is the crime rate per 1,000 residents for other cities in Alberta.

The Crime Rate Trend For the Most Dangerous Cities in Alberta

This chart below shows the 3 month trend for the six cities with the highest crime rate in July.

Other Places May Be Worse

As high as the crime rate is in these cities, there are places in Alberta where the crime rate is worse.  

The most recent Alberta crime rate rankings from the worst to the safest is kept on the Lightcatch blog, including the post below.

The Most Dangerous Cities, Towns And Rural Places in Alberta February 2023

Explanations About the Data

We gather all the RCMP data, Calgary Police Service Data and Edmonton Police Service property crime data.

Crimes are then compared to the population to get the crimes per 1,000 residents so better comparisons can be made.  Calgary data is only available as recent as April. All other data is based on July 2022 information.

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Darren Boyer

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