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Darren Boyer, September 28 2021

Jail Guards Advice to Avoid Regrets

I got this note recently and wanted to share it with you.

"…I’ve worked for the RCMP as a cell guard for the last eight years. I’ve seen lots of these criminals that have been caught and how high they have been during their time in the cells. Watching them come down is terrible and terrifying.   Would like to know if I can share this email on our fb page.  It’s got a lot of valuable information to consider for all our people."

The Jail Guards advice was based on my note about the biggest drug to hit our Communities …..ever.

People are often in a state of shock how low criminals in this day and age can stoop. They steal things and do things that just seem crazy. If you’ve ever seen all sorts of dismantled bicycles and filth scattered across some public park you know what I mean.

What I didn't realize, is that Crystal Meth has taken over the drug scene. Crystal meth is only $5-$10 on the street and the addict is often awake for 30 hours at a time. Fentanyl, by comparison is often over $40, and isn't nearly as popular, even though it gets more press. Crystal Meth is what causes people to do these crazy things and it has completely changed the nature of residential crime.

It used to be gates and fences were a good strategy. Not anymore. An addict with a cordless grinder or bolt cutters in their backpack needs less than two minutes to get through any locks. They can do a quick smash and grab at 3am, causing thousands of dollars of damage, just for a $10 or $100 item.

The Lightcatch Homeowner Prevention Plan was developed so you can stop these types of crimes and more, before they even happen.   Avoid regrets if some random crime is attempted at your home. If even ONE crime happens with the Homeowner Prevention Plan, its free. 

For a special discount to the Homeowner Prevention Plan and to learn more go here.  score.lightcatch.net

Written by

Darren Boyer

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