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Darren Boyer, September 3 2021

Small City Spooks Thieves

You should see the effect this is having to stop crime before it happens.  Several hundred people in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan have used Lightcatch to make 20 Suspicious Activity alerts on Lightcatch the last 14 days.

This last alert at 5am on Thursday was for 3 guys and 1 girl trespassing at several homes. The screenshots below show several people were updating the locations of this illegal and suspicious behaviour.

The police appeared right away and patrolled the area. What happened next is typical.

The next night the app was completely quiet! 

 Like Cockroaches That Scatter When the Lights Come On

If you are tired of having property constantly stolen and your community a mess from crime, help stop future issues with Lightcatch.  When two and then three people confirm on the app something is suspicious, like these people did, it makes it so much easier for the police to justify getting there quickly!

You still have to call in the reports to the police, but when you call in the 2nd and 3rd confirmations the community just provided, it becomes so much more effective.

When 20 alerts of suspicious activity in a community occur over 2 weeks, it shows policing, civic leaders, and the community people want a safe community back! 

Share this message with others in your community so they can also help make a difference.  The more users there are, the better you prevent crime from ever happening.  Things can get quiet in your area as well.

Written by

Darren Boyer

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