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Darren Boyer, November 4 2022

The Most Dangerous Places in Alberta October 2022

Here are the six most dangerous places in Alberta, according to the police reported crime rates.

Bonnyville had the highest crime rate in the province according to the RCMP property crime data. There were over 12.96 crimes per 1,000 residents or 83 in total.

Bon Accord had the second highest crime rate in the province, rising to over 9.16 crimes per 1,000 residents.  This was followed by St. Paul down from #1 in Sept to #3 in the province, then Beaverlodge, Peace River, and Flagstaff County.

Eastern Alberta

Eastern Alberta maintained the highest crime rate in the province as a region. 

The six most dangerous places in Eastern Alberta were Bonnyville, St, Paul, Thorhild County, Lac La Biche County, Smoky Lake County, and Cold Lake.

Cities With The Highest Crime Rates

Edmonton and Calgary each have more crime than all of the rest of the RCMP policed regions combined.  Almost all crime by volume happens in the cities.  Here are the 6 Cities that had the highest crime rate in October.

Edmonton Region

Bon Accord, Edmonton, Leduc County, Fort Saskatchewan, Parkland County and Leduc had the highest crimes rates in the Edmonton Region.

Calgary Region

Calgary Region

It is very noticeable to see how much lower Calgary's crime rate is compared to the Edmonton region.  Note the location of the yellow bar in each chart.

Central Alberta

O'Chiese, Alberta Beach, Drayton Valley, Brazeau County, Wetaskawin, and Samson Cree Nation had the highest crime rates in Central Alberta in October.  

This list was almost identical to the Top 6 in September.

Southern Alberta

Flagstaff County, Drumheller, Cardston, Three Hills, Stettler and Nanton had the highest crime rates in October.
Medicine Hat and Lethbridge data is not released to the public.

Grande Prairie and Peace River Region

Beaverlodge, Peace River, Valleyview, High Prairie, Northern Sunrise County, and Grande Prairie had the highest crime rates in the region.

Alberta Rockies

Compare Highest Places With The Lowest

Plenty of communities and rurual areas across Alberta have zero or close to zero crime.  Here is a comparison of the top 6 communities with the bottom 5. 

When I look at this chart I think of the unnecessary burdens, fears and frustrations these high crime residents have to live with, compared to so many areas that don't have those concerns. 

The free Security Camera Guide at the bottom of the post shows how a home owner can keep from being a random victim.

124 Communities Across Alberta And Their Crime Rate in October

The list below shows the ranking, the Municipality, the crimes per 1,000 residents for Oct, the reported crimes, and the region of Alberta they were placed in

Ranking | Municipality| Crimes per 1,000 Residents| Reported Crimes } Region of Alberta

Where These Charts and Data Came From

There are over 300 Municipalities in Alberta counting Villages and Reserves. We gather all the RCMP data, Calgary Police Service Data and Edmonton Police Service data that is publicly available. The goal is to report on the major areas and trends, not every single village.

Of the 300 RCMP reported areas this report covers 124 of the larger ones.  The crimes are then compared to the population to get the crimes per 1,000 residents.

This method helps make the easiest comparison between locations. This method is also what the FBI uses to look at crime across America.

Calgary + Edmonton

Calgary data is only available as recent as August. All other data is based on October 2022 information.

Calgary August Data

Commercial Robbery 23
Property Crimes 4990
Fraud (689)
Disorder 671
Total  4995

Edmonton October Data By Crime Type

Independent police services like the Lethbridge Police Service, the Lacombe Police Service, The Medicine Hat Police service do not seem to report the property crime rates publicly.  If there is a way to access data for these and any other police services please let me know.

These locations below are some of the locations we try to measure but they did not seem to have publicly available data about the reported crime rate.

Camrose, Caroline, Clive, Elnora, Foremost, Lloydminster, Newell County No. 4, Onion Lake Cree Nation.

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Written by

Darren Boyer


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