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Darren Boyer, April 6 2021

Cities and Counties where 80% of thefts fail

Residents in these 3 Cities and 9 Counties have made criminals change their behaviour. They've done that by having so many thefts end up in good outcomes these areas are being avoided. Over 80% of the thefts reported on Lightcatch in these places had a positive resolution. This level of success was for alerts created within 1 hour of the incident from Jan 2021-Mar 2021.  

Over 50% of all thefts in these areas put on Lightcatch had a good outcome, no matter how slow after the crime it was reported.  When you are losing over 50% of the time, staying in that kind of business is harder and harder.

High profile arrests of prolific repeat offenders sometimes happened within hours of being put on Lightcatch. The speed at which people in these areas create alerts is increasing.  This helps results come faster yet. The volume of suspicious activities being reported is also jumping higher every month in the areas below. 

All of these successes are surely leading to fewer insurance claims, lower policing costs and faster more efficient court systems. It’s likely added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for people in these areas over the last few months already.  Some of those arrested were repeat offenders. These prolific criminals can do a very high amount of damage if not stopped right away. But in these regions its being seen more and more that the high volume criminals are avoiding these places like a cockroach avoids the light. 

Why these areas?

These 9 Counties and 3 Cities were chosen in January 2021. They were chosen for one of three reasons.

1) A very high level of support within policing or crime prevention groups locally.
2) A very high level of engagement from volunteers in the area.
3) Clearwater County and Stettler County were adjacent to areas where we had that kind of support. They were added as an experiment to see if the results we were getting with their neighbours could be extended to nearby geographies.

Residents and businesses in these Cities and Counties got levels of service other locations did not receive.


Lowering crime is a solveable problem.  A success rate of over 80% across several geographies and several months proves it.  

The Lightcatch app is part of a system so good dozens, possibly hundreds, of police officers across western Canada use the app on their personal phones to support their work on the job. We've heard they often get images and descriptions better than they get from dispatch when they do this.  Dozens of people download the free app every day as well.

Property Owners 

If you are a property owner we offer free guides that show how your property can use technology to turn a criminals worst fears against them, before they even step foot on your property. 

The system outlined in the free guides can be implemented using any vendors products. They also show how the public can instantly see video of the activity, images of a suspect and much more data rich information.   This information can also be seen by police officers or shared with a police officer instantly.  Getting video and images to policing is critical because calls to 911 can not receive images or video

Free guides 
- Use existing security products

Urban Residential Property Owners 
Rural Home property owners
Business property owners – Book a meeting time here


Residents can accelerate their personal safety and their property safety with your support. Getting results to the point where 80% of thefts fail is actually easier to do for a municipality than an individual property owner because a network can be developed quicker with your support. 

Innovative new approaches like the County of Grande Prairie just took, are combining Lightcatch’s expertise and technology with local passionate volunteers like the Beaverlodge District Rural Crime Watch.

We are looking for leading Municipalities to see the potential to create low-risk zones within their borders. Those zones will be a good news story for residents and media. That story will show residents are safer and more residents that are more engaged. It will also show that insurance companies are experiencing fewer claims and lower costs because residents are working together in that zone. 

Imagine the Welcome signs and Economic Development pieces being updated with ‘A low-risk zone where everyone is safer and we all pay less for our insurance.’ 

Discuss how Lightcatch can create an 80% failure rate for crime in your community.  Book a meeting time here

Written by

Darren Boyer

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